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The Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields is a small, modest church surrounded by peaceful, well kept gardens. The church is situated in the historical Village of Irene in Centurion.


In 1913 the Anglican community in Irene had grown to such an extent that it was decided that they needed their own church.  Mr. J.M. van der Byl, a prominent member of the Irene community donated land in King Street for the church and rectory.


At the first building meeting Mr Rees-Poole presented the committee with plans for the church that would cost £1000.00.


Unfortunately, funds where insufficient and building was postponed until further funds had been raised.


In October 1917 a revised plan was submitted and tenders were called for but they were all in excess of £500. The building of the church was postponed yet again.


Finally, in January 1924, Bishop Talbot laid the foundation stone; the original plans had been accepted. On Palm Sunday, the little church was dedicated by the name of St Martin-in-the-Fields. In the early 1960’s the parish numbers had increased and the church was enlarged.

The Revd Canon Siphiwo L Bam



Parish Administration
Louise Sparrow

Parish Administrator


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