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Outreach Projects

Jesus teaches that God has entrusted us as his stewards with that which is temporary (worldly wealth) to provide for that which is eternal (true riches).  The Church consequently pursues its vision and mission through its ministries resourced by the tithing of its members.  Benevolence through spiritual and/or material support in both out-reach and in-reach activities is a keystone of stewardship.

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Tumelong Mission

​​Tumelong Mission was established in 1939 as a mission and development wing of the Diocese of Pretoria to focus on the actual needs of the people and to provide material and other means of support to those in need regardless of religion, race or creed.
Tumelong aims to build a self-sustainable quality of life through the provision of skills and support to the needy and vulnerable to overcome hunger, poverty and unemployment.



FABFAF is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide a measure of nutrition to families in Gauteng and North-West Province, South Africa, with a desperate need for basic foodstuffs.

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Dove's Nest Place of Safety

Dove's Nest is a community-based (CBO), non-profit organisation (NPO)  providing  residential facility caring for abandoned or unwanted babies and children from birth to 2 years of age. The babies and children are provided with support ensuring that they have milk and food, shelter, clothing and that their basic needs are met. This serves as a surrogate family to until they are adopted or can be placed with a loving family. Dove's Nest assists with applications for birth certificates. The first baby was placed in March 2001,  and since then have helped over 100 babies, and they been provided for and successfully adopted. Dove’s Nest Place of Safety's mission is to welcome any child in crisis into our home without the concerns of financial restrictions and space. Dove’s Nest Place of Safety operates from home and believe that it is important that the children be in a family environment that is loving and stable.

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Irene Homes

Irene Homes’ history dates back to 1904 as an organization that took care of girls and young women in Pretoria and Witwatersrand who had fallen pregnant out of wedlock, been caught up in prostitution and where destitute.

At first the organization operated from a house in the CBD of Pretoria and in 1909 it relocated to its current premises in Irene and became a much needed home for women who are intellectually disabled. 108 years later Irene Homes has firmly established itself as a non-profit organization providing residential and day care support and skills training to women and men who are intellectually disabled with the ultimate goal of improved self-awareness, self-growth and job creation.

Volunteers Packing Food

Donate to St Martin's

St Martin's Banking Details:

Account Name:            St Martin's Church

Bank:                           Standard Bank

Account Number:        011 707 631

Branch Code:              010-945

Donations of clothing, blankets and other items are welcomed.

The items are sorted by our Outreach team and send to those in need. 

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